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At Formula 1 Lofts we have two main aims which are very simple these are to win each and every race we enter, but equally as important to us is to be able to breed first class pigeons which win or breed winners for others. Nothing pleases us more than getting the numerous calls/emails we get reporting winners each year, be these from well-known fanciers winning at the highest level or novices winning their first race to each and every person and win in between.

Formula 1 lofts is jointly owned by John Gladwin & John Cowlin we both race separately and our flying names are Gladwin & Jarvis and John Cowlin. We have both been around pigeons all our life in fact the Jarvis part of my flying name comes from my wife’s Theresa maiden name herself being a daughter of a pigeon fancier.

After much consideration we decided to set up Formula 1 Lofts in 2002 ... at the time the main purpose of Formula 1 lofts was to allow us to hopefully compete at the highest levels with the best. At that time John Gladwin was only 26 and had two young children a wife and a house to provide for, which did not leave much spare cash to be buying pigeons whilst John Cowlin was only 16 and just starting out in his working life, but we both knew that to compete in any sport you have to keep ahead of the game and have the best possible pigeons and bloodlines. So we knew the only way to do this long term was to buy the best we could, race the offspring and bred some to sell each year and put the money away to buy new birds when the time was right or the opportunities arose, to add to the stock team with the goal to try and win more races and bred more winners for others. This is a pattern which we have followed ever since.

During the last few years Formula 1 Lofts have been very successful in meeting its aims and has not only won many races including Nationals, Combines, Amalgamations, Futurity and Gold ring races but we have also bred 100’s of winners or breeders of winners for others including winners in America and Asia, again right through to National, Combine and Amalgamation level.

Formula 1 lofts as it has grown and become more successfully it has allowed us to buy even better pigeons, to the point where we own a wealth of unique and very talented well-bred pigeons which have either proven themselves racing or breeding or are direct children from world class parents.

To achieve this goal we have spent many hours looking for the best pigeons we can find, always keeping 3 main things in mind when we look at a family or line of pigeon,

  • Firstly they must be from someone who wins in good competition and for a number of years
  • Secondly is that they are winning for others in many areas of the country or preferably the world
  • Thirdly we feel we can trust the person we are buying from

To make sure these three main criterias are meet we spend a lot of time doing our homework on the sellers before we buy. A practise we would recommend anyone buying pigeons to do. So Please check us out before you buy and please ask any questions you may have, about us and the birds or the calibre of the organisations we race in.

We cannot guarantee everything will always go 100% to plan but we can 100% guarantee you, we will always resolve any issues or concerns to the best of our ability and with all customers' satisfaction in mind.